• The Island of Flowers
 • Šan Pjero
 • San Piero
 • San Pijero
 • Asinello, Isola Asinello
 • Azinelo
 • San Pietro
 • Ostrvo Ilovik
 • Ostrvo Tovari?

 • Tovarnjak (donkey)
 • Sanctus Petrus de Nimbis
    (translated from Latin: Saint Peter of the Cloud)
 • San Pietro dei Nembi
    (translated from Italian: Saint Peter of the Cloud)
 • Neumae Insulae
    Dated from 1071 AD:
      Translated from Latin: Island with No Name
      Google translate (latin) says: The Shape of the Island
      Other online sources translate from Greek to: Sign Island

The town from the top of Stroža on a rainy day